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We Offer All the latest technology and skills to help you in your hunting experience

jeff turner

Jeff is the founder and owner of Predator Precision. Jeff has an extensive background in canine behavior, starting in 1997 when he became a Police K9 handler, and then in 2000 when he opened K9 Solutions Center, a state of the art dog training facility, that quickly grew to be the leading Police K9 and civilian dog training center in the state.  Jeff later moved into predator hunting in 2014 and has created a platform to help people learn to hunt, with his podcast, Predator Radio, which is on all major podcast platforms, and with Predator Academy, on YouTube.  Jeff continues to help people learn predator hunting by traveling and teaching seminars and workshops in various states.

Shannon Turner

Shannon Turner has been along side Jeff since the start of Predator Precision. She helps organize many of the seminars and trade shows that are hosted, as well as running a camera on hunts, and getting video footage for Predator Academy. Her time and dedication are an essential part of Predator Academy, and she sometimes even gets behind the gun and helps drop coyotes. 

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best night time predator hunting equipment, as well as an online resource center to help predator hunters be successful

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every predator hunter be as successful as they can, with our help, we would like to contribute to that success.