Predator Precision

Guide Service

Predator Precision has a small staff of top level predator hunters that help us provide information, videos, podcasts and products to you, the customer.  This small group of field staff members are all hand picked by Jeff Turner, our owner. We have all hunted together, and have similar views on our predator management goals. 

Our guide service works a little differently than most.  Most guide services provide an experience, by providing the land, equipment, etc.  Our guide service is geared towards the landowner who wants to either see what the predator problem is on his land, and experience it first hand, or wants to learn how to manage the predator problem. Our guides involve you in every aspect of the hunt, including showing you the key points behind stand setup, calling, etc.  This will allow you to continue to enjoy your hunts later with a higher success rate.  Many of our guided hunts are people simply wanting to learn more about how to be more successful.  We show that if you have coyotes, we can show you how to put them in your lap.   Many guides have coyote dense land that they can put one in front of you to shoot, but at the end of the hunt, you are not walking away with much more than a picture.  Our guides are geared more towards the person who is going to continue to hunt on a regular basis, and it is on your land, not ours. 

To get more information on our services, please email us at or call 937-314-1514.